Get the Knowledge, Attitude, Skill and Habit of a Successful Entrepreneur

The road to a successful business is tricky. You may experience some happy hits, but also some mind-boggling misses.


The K.A.S.H. The Entrepreneur Training System

is a culmination of Celebrity Hair Care Expert and Entrepreneur, Bernard Evan’s success and experiences in the hair care and beauty industry. 


Bernard started his journey over 25 years ago and has leveraged his hard work and popularity to become Creator and Founder of the Platinum Hair-Care System, BEYofi Product line. He now runs several businesses and franchises across the globe.

K.A.S.H Takes Pain Out of The Process!

The K.A.S.H program saves you the time, money and grief you will experience, navigating the endless series of business traps and downfalls. It’s a clear roadmap that carves the way to starting, scaling and sustaining your own business. So yes making a decision to start a business is tricky, but with a clear roadmap you can charter this course without getting lost or worse: losing your Mojo!


Why K.A.S.H?


K.A.S.H is the ONLY Program that works on your mindset and transforms you into the successful entrepreneur you aspire to be.

The K.A.S.H System is designed to prepare, groom and equip the modern entrepreneur so that start-ups, and experienced small business owners can meet their milestones and reach goals, without the second-guessing and self-doubt that an ever changing business climate brings.


The Program takes you towards:

  • Financial Independence

  • Abundant Living

  • Spiritual Fulfillment

  • Community Contribution


K.A.S.H consists of 4 Essential Modules - Knowledge, Attitude, Skill and Habit, that cover everything from raising capital to seamlessly marketing your business across several digital and non-digital platforms, getting you connected to multiple revenue generating streams.

What makes this Program really unique is the combination of real world skills with hands-on practical lessons, detailing each aspect of starting and running a business. The program not only prepares the newbie entrepreneur to handle the curveballs of economy and  business but also to identify opportunities that propel them ahead of the pack.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

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